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Sarah’s surprise birthday party


We had a great time today combining glass making, eating birthday cake and drinking Bucks Fizz. Below are the before and after photos of the first pieces made this morning and fired during the day. From top left to right: Ruth, Becky & Shirley, in the middle: Mary & Megan and bottom Ali & Sarah . I am hoping to post more pics of fired pieces on Tuesday evening after the firing, in fact Vince is loading the kiln as I type.


The story behind today is that Sarah came on a course with us last year and really enjoyed it and told all her mates about it and so unbeknownst to her they arranged a party for today, her birthday was last Tuesday.  Apparently they told Sarah they would pick her up at 9.30 and she had no idea where she was heading until the car turned into our road. Okay secretly (well not so secret now) I would love it if my friends had organised this for me – although I guess ideally it would need to be in another craft area.  Seriously how lucky is Sarah she has some fab friends and we were lucky enough to join the fun which judging by the whispering has continued into this evening.  We really enjoyed meeting you all.

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