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Fired glass from Saturday’s party (15/1/11)


This was another great firing slightly confused by my finger trouble with my IPhone. Photos from top to bottom are by: Megan, Sarah, Ruth, Shirley, Megan, Becki, Ali and Mary.

I lost your comments on my original post so will paste them below (having now learnt the word delete really means just that!).

Sarah just commented on the post “Fired pieces (party 15/1/11)” on glassjewels’s posterous

You are right, I am very lucky and have some really fab friends. We had a great day, & yes the fun carried on all afternoon & evening…I’ve never eaten so much cake!
And aren’t my friends talented as well. I love all of these pieces….great tree Ruth, love the butterflies Shirley, how did you get that paper template off your lovely piece Mary?
there’s no disguising that you are an artist Megan….you had better watch out…I might pinch one of your pieces! Same goes for Ali & Becky…I can’t wait to see them in the flesh (or should I say ‘in the glass’).
Thanks too to Sue & Vince for a great day, yummy soup & CAKE!!!! oh & the bucks fizz works wonders for one’s creativity!
Hope I’ll come back again soon, but sadly not this weekend.

Becki just commented on the post “Fired pieces (party 15/1/11)” on glassjewels’s posterous

Thanks to all of you for a great day, it was lovely spending the day with you all, those I knew and those I got to know. Cake works wonders for getting to knw people! I’m so unarty, but loved creating my glass pieces and am pleased with the results (although it has been photographed upside down with ‘seagulls’ at the bottom!). Thank you to Sue and Vince for all your guidances, I learned loads and totally enjoyed the day.


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