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Final pieces fired from 16th March 2013 float course

Wow I am overjoyed at these folks, they are all sparkling and the glass is absolutely transparent. If you are new to Glass Jewels you are probably thinking what is she on about! The funny thing about float glass is yes it pays to create a strong design and make each piece thoughtfully but the thing that can make the most difference is keeping your glass clean, otherwise a cloudy scum forms called devitrification – not pretty! In a way I think it is quite cheering that such a simple thing can help you make wonderful glass and these smashing examples here showcase great design too.

I had fun photographing these as it gave me a chance to really admire them. Amongst others I really like the written letter in the glass that Andrea made as it is so different and shows how effective enamel pen can be. We were really inspired working with you all and the good news is that Vince is getting really near to finalising his design of the recycled glass fusing course – think we might need to come up with a snappier name, please let us know if you think of one. Also several of you asked about an intermediate course and we are busy re-writing that too. It was lovely to meet you all and I hope you have fun seeing your lovely pieces in real life. Please remember we would love feedback and any suggestions for future courses.

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