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Fabulous work

These are really great and there are still lots of cracking ones (just realised my unfortunate pun) in the kiln, well done.

Cathy, I have photographed your piece both front and back as unusually the back side looks really good.

Isla, one of your pieces with the shell button has slipped but for me it still works hence the photo.

Ali, I have just realised your photo could be a lot better I will try and swap it tomorrow for a better one as those are two lovely pieces especially the one on the left.

Please do comment below on the course or the work if you have a spare moment. We would love to know what we are getting right, what we can do better or to just say hello. Thank you again for such an enjoyable and productive day.


Pieces from top to bottom:
1 and 2 Gill
3 Mary
4 and 5 Cathy
6 and 7 Janet
8 and 9 Paul
10, 11 and 12 Isla
13 Ali

1 thought on “Fabulous work

  1. I have just returned from picking up my cat and he looks amazing. I had a wonderful time. If you feel like trying out lampwork one weekend let me know I’ll be happy to come over. Take care and thanks again.Jill

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