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This weekend

Our party didn’t happen this weekend so I have been busy making work for forthcoming exhibitions and we have made a couple of short films about using a microwave kiln to fuse float glass.  Full marks to Vince who not only has an incredibly steady hand for transporting wobbly glass pieces to the kiln but also turns out to be a dab hand at filming with an iphone.  Hopefully we can get those uploaded here and to our new page on Facebook in the next couple of days.


I am really nervous as well as excited right now as I am about to start an MA in fine art and in an hour or so am driving up to Barnsley ready for my induction workshop tomorrow.  The instructions say to take a piece of work to show the group, so far Vince has put 5 in the car for me!  Luckily Amelia, who has been on 2 of our courses, is starting the MA too (huge coincidence) so it won’t quite be like the first day at a new school.


The next course is a week on Saturday so more photos then but I will post inbetween.


Please leave a comment about the videos when they appear to let us know what you like, what you don’t and what you would like more of.

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