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These pieces speak for themselves – Further Adventure in Float Glass; final pieces

I was so happy to see this work that I literally photographed each piece except for a tiny square and a test with plants inside. Ladies please keep on making art in some (any) form there is so much talent here….. Please note I have taken a photo of both the front and the back of one piece to show the composition in more depth and another piece has been photographed with light behind and against white card as it works beautifully both ways.

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Look at these intermediate course pieces!


I haven’t said much about the course on Saturday yet, as for the third week running it was fabulous fun and amazing to watch you all turn out work in such different ways. You were all very tolerant of the loose structure of the day and Vince says he thinks it worked. If any of you are reading this and you have a spare moment please can you leave a comment below.


We covered lots of ground from new materials and techniques through to strengthening designs. My main thought is that we needed more time and at some point this will maybe become a 2 day course.


Here are some of the fired pieces – Alison, your piece is a stunner and I haven’t managed to capture that as well as I would have liked. Amelia, we want to be really careful with your pieces so they will be fired on their own later in the week. Fiona, if you are reading this can you email the photo of your Alpacas to us please? We must take you up on your offer and come and meet them some day soon, perhaps when they have babies in the summer. Also can you let Vince have details about your kiln.


Photos in order: Alison, Sophie, Fiona, Jude, Claire (looks tons better in the flesh) and Alison (pendant)