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See the Alpacas and thank you


Here is a photo of Fiona’s lovely Alpacas more info at

Thank you for all your lovely comments (and to Sophie for the chocolates, which strangely dissapeared in a flash),It is great that you liked the course so much. Please do post if you can think of anything extra we can provide or ways we can improve.

Welcome to anyone new looking at this page it’s lovely to see you here. We hope to have pictures up from next Saturday’s course soon.

Also I am about to start a creativity page here on the blog which will look at how we can encourage creativity as well as negotiate creative blocks.  This is definitely another page I am hoping will become a two way thing as, sadly, I am guessing we all go through this from time to time. Hopefully the page can be a useful resource for us all as well as being supportive.

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