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first course of the year tomorrow!

Wow it is 2011 and the studio is all ready for our first Fusing with Float course of the year tomorrow. I love it when we are at this point as I know there will be lots of ideas and energy happening here within the next few hours along with the filling of our big kiln.

My resolution for this year is to try and get a glass fusing community up and running so that students can see each others’ finished work, hopefully coming soon to these pages.  I have been thinking about the courses last year and one of the things that struck me is that people are always sad when the course is over, they can see the kiln and tables covered in a variety of glass pieces and yet the only work they will see after firing is usually their own. We often feel a sense of anti-climax too so I am hoping to capture some of the energy of the day on this site. My aim is to photograph one or more of each participant’s work from the course tomorrow and post them up in the next week.  From there maybe we can have an online discussion about pieces, how to develop work, which kiln to buy or whatever you would like – I am really open to suggestions I would just like to keep contact with all the fabulous people who come on our courses and I am hoping we can all learn further from each other.

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  1. Hi Sue and Vince,Thanks for a great day. The girls and I really enjoyed ourselves – We look forward to seeing the results,Best wishes,Miranda

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