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Dec 14th – kiln full ready to fire

Well, what a great day, you were all a delight to work with, this is the kiln fully loaded, ready to fire. It’s on now, as we speak, at 563C and rising!


1 thought on “Dec 14th – kiln full ready to fire

  1. What a fabulous and creative course with a very personal touch!
    Pauline and I came from Swindon today and even tough it was our first try at glass jewellery, we were impressed how special our pieces turned out. After a while of rummaging through boxes of glass pieces, lots of great ideas just kept coming…
    And it was amazing to see how the different types of glass worked together to make a great piece of jewellery.
    Anyone who wants to try something unique – here is the perfect course for you!
    Thanks Sue and Vince for a fantastic experience!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    See you next year for more “Glassulous” experiences!

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