Workshop sessions/studio time

We run two hour workshop sessions, on a Monday evening, from 19.30, at our studio in North Oxford, for up to four people.

At only £12 each, you will have use of our excellently resourced studio and refreshments!

These won’t be teaching sessions so you must know your way around the products and have done a course in glass fusing before. One of us will be around to keep you safe and make materials available to you, if you choose, as well as reminding you how various materials behave if required.

The sessions will be either be for float glass or for bullseye; as they are not compatible products it makes sense to keep them for separate nights. We’ll have one session a month for Bullseye, initially, with the rest being for float glass. These are indicated on the calendar. Bring your own materials to either, or use our float compatible products, on a float evening, on a pay as you go basis.

We have very limited storage for incomplete pieces so we’d expect, ordinarily, for pieces to be complete, ready to fire and placed in the kiln, at the end of each session. It may occasionally be possible to arrange an extra hour or so, in the same week, so we’re able to fire the pieces ahead of next weeks session. Chat to us if you think you’ll need this.

Kiln time is available at £7 per firing, when your pieces are ready. Remember, if you are making a dish or dishes, you’ll need a second firing to slump them in to shape. Material costs for a two hour float glass session will be around £5 according to size.

Below, shows availability, click here to book or click here to drop us a line with any queries you have

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