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Final pieces for the third Wiley fun day

Thank you very much to all the Wileys’ folk who visited us for the 3 courses. On the second group we had a huge array of images from racing cars and sailing boats through to a beautiful autumnal leaf piece. Again there was a relaxed but creative feel to the day and when I opened the kiln and saw the results my breath was taken away as I had no idea a car could be made so beautifully with no. 3 frit and have you seen the kite surfer!

The last course had the advantage of seeing the pieces made by the previous groups but still found their very own creative ground. The amazing frit picture of St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is stunning and then there are horses, fishes and some delicate pieces with softer colours. Please look below because the work speaks for itself. We knew from the first course we were going to have fun but it was a lovely surprise how much inspiration you have given us for ideas with future students – thank you and we hope you had as good time as we did.  Sue

PS A couple of these will be bowls so don’t worry if their looking a bit flat at the moment!

Fun day, here’s some of the items you made!

We had a wonderful day of glass making with a group of lovely people from Wiley Publishing Company last Thursday. We enjoyed the day hugely and lots of coasters, hangings and dishes were made.

The level of creativity was high with new takes on landscapes as well as, for the first time on one of our courses, a lighthouse and a ladybird – see how well these have turned out below. Everyone had a go at breaking glass with bare hands (much much easier than it sounds) and there was lots of laughter during the day along with lemon meringue pie. We look forward to greeting the next group of people from Wiley in 2 weeks and hope you enjoy looking at these photos of some of the work made. Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures.