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Fusing with float glass 19th Jan

Here are some of the lovely pieces from our course on the 19th, you were all lovely and a great pleasure to work with! I know there are a couple of pics missing so will correct that later today

Fusing with float 8th Oct, final pieces

Some great work from last Sat – note the Christmas decorations we made, available on all Fusing with Float Glass course from now till Christmas. We may also offer some two hour sessions to make just tree decs – watch our main website for details – glassjewels.co.uk

Fusing with Float Jan 10th

Another lovely group last weekend and some lovely work, I’ll post the before and afters with the metals later today, meanwhile enjoy what you’ve made although the pics don’t so them justice!

Fusing with Float, 19th July

Wow, what can we say, there are some truly amazing pieces come out of the kiln this week. The bowls are slumping now but again, wow! A great pleasure working with you all and we hope to see some of you on another of our courses soon.

Beautiful work from 18th May float course

Here are the photos of some of your lovely pieces! There are many that are striking and some fantastic combinations of materials, particularly the work with the metal leaf and foils and how these have been combined with frit (coloured crushed glass). I noticed lots of great bubbles in these pieces so hopefully my new teaching sample is beginning to work although happily there is still a fair amount of alchemy occurring in the kiln. To be honest lifting the lid of the kiln, for my own work and that of students, is always a ‘breath in’ moment and usually then breathing back out with a big sigh of relief.

I hope that you are all pleased with these folks and apologies for them being posted to the blog later than normal as our kitchen floor was being dug up. We now have a much smarter, shinier floor and as we hoped the area is now flooded with light making glass making much easier. We would love to see you on another course and we have just listed our new intermediate float course (here) where there are lots of new materials and methods to play with. Hopefully we will see you all again soon and in the meanwhile I hope you are having a sunny day wherever you are as we are in Oxford today.