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Fusing with float glass 19th Jan

Here are some of the lovely pieces from our course on the 19th, you were all lovely and a great pleasure to work with! I know there are a couple of pics missing so will correct that later today

The final pieces

These were a total joy to edit. I love that there are pieces with colour, some with metals (one of my personal favourite materials), representational and abstract work, all within one group. This is the most diverse work I have seen come from a course and I think you will all be a huge inspiration to future and prospective students. We would live to see you again – we run intermediate courses and jewellery making with coloured glass. Thank you for such a creative and fun day.

Lyn, thank you for your glowing comments, would you post them on our facebook wall if you get a chance? Also thank you to Mark for your kind posting too.

Fired pieces 25/6/11

These are lovely, some really subtle but effective colour and texture. Looks like Vince might need to fly solo teaching more often. It was great to meet you all and hope we see you again soon.

May 28th, a few pieces!

Here are a few pieces from our course on the 28th, we took so long photographing the work, half of it has already been collected, sorry about that! You were a smashing course and a delight to teach, thank you 🙂

Lots of work

Here are the before shots I promised. If you click on any of the pictures you can bring up an extra large photo to look at the detail. There were so many good ideas for pieces today and you were all so happy, we really enjoyed the course too. Look out for the fired glass shots within the next week or so.

Intermediate pictures looking great

We had a good day on Saturday with lots of use of the enamel pens, extra layers of glass and a go at creating relief effects. As well as our lovely intermediate returners we were joined by Alan, who turned out to be a dab hand at cutting glass and got the hang of a huge array of different materials in record time. The results speak for themselves so something to look forward to in the post or on collection. This course is still evolving to fit the needs of our students, at some point we may make it a 2 day course and then imagine how good the work would be.

If any of you would like to post a comment on how you found the day or on your work or a compliment about another student’s work please do so below. Fern’s picture (number 3) of Pacman was really hard to create (no idea how you and Paula made the lines so straight) but it is a real winner, I hope we see you all again soon. Sue and Vince

Great work and each one is so different

Everyone. Seemed to get on so well on Saturday and there was a lovely atmosphere, with making happening at the same time as having fun. I think this really shows in the work and I have really enjoyed taking photos of these pieces. Fern, I really love your chicken, so simple and yet beautiful. It you would like to comment below on your own work or that of others It would be great to hear from you.

So to the serious stuff, who does all this lovely work belong too?

1 Paula
2 Ella
3 Ella
4 Emily
5 Phillipa
6 Laura
7 Laura
8 Emma
9 Fern
The bowl is Phillipa’s

Fabulous work

These are really great and there are still lots of cracking ones (just realised my unfortunate pun) in the kiln, well done.

Cathy, I have photographed your piece both front and back as unusually the back side looks really good.

Isla, one of your pieces with the shell button has slipped but for me it still works hence the photo.

Ali, I have just realised your photo could be a lot better I will try and swap it tomorrow for a better one as those are two lovely pieces especially the one on the left.

Please do comment below on the course or the work if you have a spare moment. We would love to know what we are getting right, what we can do better or to just say hello. Thank you again for such an enjoyable and productive day.


Pieces from top to bottom:
1 and 2 Gill
3 Mary
4 and 5 Cathy
6 and 7 Janet
8 and 9 Paul
10, 11 and 12 Isla
13 Ali