Fusing with float 14th July

Some lovely first pieces,  as usual, viewed in your hand as opposed to a against a kiln shelf and they look really good!

Fusing with float glass 24th Feb

Some lovely work from a lovely group! The photo’s don’t exactly do them justice; much nicer in the flesh, but they given an idea!

Jewellery making 9th Dec

Lovely first firing pieces from today

Final work, Fusing with Float 9th Sept

Some lovely pieces here, a real pleasure working with you all!

Before and after our first firing 9th Sept

Some lovely examples of the fascinating colour changes metals undergo

Final pieces from last weekend

Some really lovely work and a great pleasure working with you all. I’ve chosen a few pics from everyone, hope you enjoy! It’s worth noting that Debbie, your piece with the moon, the yellow at the bottom has done what it very occasionally does, in that its crazed. It’s a very pretty effect and of course, you can never predict when it’s going to do it!

Fusing with Float glass 29th April

We had a fabulous day yesterday, here’s a picture of the kiln before it fired last night. I’ll put up the before and afters of the first exercise once I’ve tracked down the photo’s for it. And of course, the final pieces pics too once we’re all fired.

Fused glass jewellery making 11th Feb

Lovely before and after shots from our course today – more pictures to follow; lots more pieces being made as I type!